Origin Support direct via OriginLab
In order to provide you with best possible service, you can have direct access to the support group of OriginLab. Just click on link below and you will be redirected to OriginLab support pages. You can return afterwards to the MVB Scientific pages by just closing the OrignLab window.
Link to contact OriginLab Support
Origin Support direct via MVB Scientific
In case you want to contact directly the support group of MVB Scientific, please click on the link below and you will be directed to the general contact page.
Link to contact MVB Scientific Support

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Origin V 2020b
Origin V2020 SR0 is a full installation package. It can be used to upgrade existing Origin or Origin PRO users with a valid maintenance contract, or it can be used to install Origin V2020 or Origin PRO V2020 on new computers.
Reasons to Ugrade to Origin V 2020b can be found here
The Origin V 2019b download link : https://www.originlab.com/MyOrigin2020bDownload
You can download this release in EXE or ZIP formats and the ZIP format can be downloaded with or without the CHM (built-in help) files.
    1. Download Origin/OriginPRO 2020b SR0 from the link provided above. It does not matter where you download the file. If you download the ZIP package, extract the file.
    2. Close previous version of Origin/Origin PRO.
    3. Double-click on the downloaded Origin 2020b SR0 EXE file to launch the setup program and following the on screen instructions.